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Jul. 25th, 2012 12:58 pm
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My friend [personal profile] thehobbit is a guest writer in the LJ Idol writing competition this week! She wrote a pretty awesome piece!

If you have a moment, could you please read and vote for it here?

Her name is thehobbit in the first poll and you can see her entry by clicking on the link next to her username.

(the friend she's helping out is [personal profile] n3m3sis42 - feel free to read and vote for her entry too, in the second poll.)
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Also, I just tightened the hell out of my friends list. If I accidentally cut you, let me know privately, okay?
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So, here's the thing. Down at the Occupy locations, lots of people with lots of voices are speaking up. Lots are saying all sorts of things. Some are using this one moment to bring forth their pet solution to all the world's problem. Socialism, sustainable living, animal rights, drug law reform, death penalty reform, civil rights, etc. etc. etc. People are all over the spectrum on what the fuck is happening, and how it needs to change.

The thing is, though? What's happening is that our government in the US has it's fingers in pies all over the fucking world. Our financial institutions are all twisted the fuck up in everyone else's finances. We've taken down so many other countries with our bullshit, and we're continuing to do so.

How can we change that?

This is the true One Demand. We need to take the money out of politics. There is no way forward down this path that we are on without this step. After that, we can figure out where the fuck we're going. We can get some equality happening. We can get an actual fucking representative government happening. We can do all sorts of shit. First, we have to do this. We have to get the money out.

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Occupy Atlanta Media Committee

Participants in Occupy Atlanta met with Chief Turner and his staff today and were warned that the police intended to enforce the city ordinances against camping and against being in the park after 11 pm.


Here in the "city too busy to hate," the city where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born, attended college, and preached, we come to speak our own dreams.
We believe that the American political process is so corrupted by the influx of lobbyists, "free speech" corporate cash, and politicians beholden to both that it has failed us completely.

Our only option left is to occupy public spaces in order to assert our right to freely assemble and to redress our grievances, rights guaranteed to us by the First Amendment. Exerting that right has ironically become an act of civil disobedience, a fact which points out exactly what the problem really is. We owe no obedience to laws which abridge our Constitutional rights.

We need as many people to come down to Woodruff Park ASAP!

So, right. That was just released. Meanwhile, I just took two benadryl because I can't go more than a minute or so without coughing, and snot is running down my throat in rivulets. I'm not sick. It's allergies. The beast has eaten me alive. So, I can't even go down there with a video camera right now to stand on the sidewalk legally and let the ATL police know that the world will see what they do. They are going to wait until night. They are going to wait until numbers are few. They are going to wait, and arrest everyone and take them away. They are trying to stop our movement in Atlanta before it's even truly started walking.

Honestly, at this point, it'll work, too. Arrests will not bring reinforcements. I can't really say that in a for sure sort of way, but... yeah. We aren't well connected down here. In Atlanta, the people staying in the park are mostly those with no connections. Those who were well connected went to New York. Down here, people are just trying too hard to survive to be able to show their face somewhere that might endanger their ability to get the checks that are keeping them from entirely drowning.

I don't know what's going to happen. I do know that currently, the largest allies of the ATL GA are occupythehood. I'm tired, and worried.
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The last few days at the ATL General Assembly have been weird.

I was there Friday night when it was voted to go ahead with the occupation. There was some stuff with Congressman John Lewis that was... well, it's made people flip their shit. One way or the other. Some people are angry at the idea of him speaking there at all. Others are angry at the idea of him being turned away.

The Occupation is going ahead at Woodruff Park. On Saturday, they voted to rename it Troy Davis Park. I wasn't there for that, so I can't speak for how the voting went.

We have a HQ that was given to us at 60 Walton Street (2nd floor). This is a good place to drop off donations or meet if you can't show up in a more public way.

Today I went down there, but had to leave before the full GA started (at 6 PM).

The vibe is... all over the place. Some people want to work with the system. Some want to reform the system. Some want to destroy the system. Some others simply want to abandon the system all together.

I'll be real honest here, this last one puzzles me the most. Like, I seriously don't even get why they are there. You want to get off the grid and sustain yourself? Go for it. Having actually learned my history, I can tell you from the communes of the 60's: this doesn't work tremendously for the women. When it comes down to the nitty gritty of responsibilities, the women are left holding the bag while the men drum around a circle talking about how pure and free they are. The women are the ones who rejoin society when their kids turn out to have diabetes. Or need penicillin. Or just want a way to clean their menstrual pads that isn't backbreaking.
And as for abandoning the currency system all together in favor of barter? I think I'll skip that, too, thanks. Barter systems work mostly as a one to one "this is what I have" for "this is what you have" system, with the occasional merchant or trader keeping a stockpile of the miscellanous items. It doesn't work so well for actually advancing medicine or technology. It doesn't do so well for a variety of foodstuffs. Let's not even talk about droughts or famines, as not using a barter system is pretty much why we can mostly get through them.

Honestly though, all those arguments as for why I disagree with that is just icing on the cake of who gives a shit. If they want to live free and pure, go for it, sparky. Force me to do it? Hells to the no. And really, there's nothing stopping you.

So, I don't have a lot of patience for the 19 year olds talking about living free and pure and abandoning the system. It's actually pissed me off a bit. They have near zero life experience of the breadth of knowledge to understand where the stuff breaks down in their scenario. The communes were abandoned for a reason, and I've talked to some of the people who desperately tried to make them work.

So, I don't even know what to say to them. I'm going to have to sit down with them, but I don't even know how to approach them respectfully. I'll have to think on that.

I probably won't be able to go back until next weekend. We'll see. Russell is down with me going at night, it's just that I'm wearing myself to bits.

I'm also working on a side video project for this all that may or may not be interesting. I'll bring it up here if it pans out to anything. It really depends on the partner I teamed up with, as he has the footage.

I'm leaving this public so my mom can wander into it. She lived through the 60's, and knows how hard some of the commune movement was on women.
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Wow. Michael has been found. He's at the hospital. He is very dehydrated, and has kidney failure. He's alive, though, and his family is by his side. I just can't stop crying.
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A friend's husband has gone missing. please, please take a look at the pictures in the link below and spread the word. thank you!

"Michael Sean Emerick was last seen leaving for work Monday, July 12, 2010 at 7am. He did not arrive at the office and has not been heard from since. If you have any information please contact the Marietta, GA Police Department Case #10086392 and Please Pray for Michael's safe return."


Here is an album of pictures of him. The family lives in Marietta, GA, and he was going to work in Alpharetta, GA. This is all very out of character for him, and we are all very anxious for his safe return to his loving wife and 20 month old son. If you know or have seen anything, please speak up.

ETA: Some information that people have been asking for. Michael drives a 2008 Dark Blue Dodge Charger. The Police report is still in processing and a detective has not yet been assigned. His phone was powered down at 12:08 yesterday afternoon and has not established a connection with the sprint network since.
MICHAELS ROUTE TO WORK: (Marietta,30066) Shallowford to Sandy Plains. Sandy Plains to 92. 92 to Mansell. Mansell to Cox Communications. This is a heavy traffic route 100% and he left for work during rush hour. I do not yet know if he stopped on...his way to work for gas or breakfast.

LOL Whut?

Apr. 7th, 2009 10:39 am
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It's snowing.


Nov. 12th, 2008 05:44 pm
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Wonderful news: Philip gained weight so well that the doctor came in in the afternoon and sent Russell and I home with the babies. We just did their 5 o clock feeding (with new bottles/nipples/higher calorie formula for him, the regular stuff that was working for her for her) and they both ate well and happy and fast (a half hour!).

I do a follow up on Friday (I have to schedule that tomorrow), but things look awesome for Philip. Happy, happy!


Oct. 2nd, 2007 06:40 pm
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On my way home from work, for reasons I still can't fathom, instead of switching from I-20 west to 285 North, I got off at Wesley Chapel. I rolled through the gas station and got a drink, then got back onto the road, switching onto South Hairston as it is techincally possible to get home from there, just much more time consuming then zipping by on the freeways. Rolling through South Hairston I look across the street and notice some smoke. I look again. Hey, that's a lot of smoke. Look again. Holy shit, that's a lot of smoke. I turn around and get on the other side of the road. Holy crap is that a lot of smoke suddenly. I am on the phone to 911 as I turn the corner. Cars are zipping by. Noone is looking. I stop in the middle of the road with my hazards on, giving the 911 operator the house number, and trying to remember, and telling the operator that it's Wesley Chapel and not Covington that is the closest intersection.

I notice a for sale sign out front. Please, god, let the house be empty. Let them have moved out. The house is starting to get bright. I can almost see a fire deep inside of it. 12 seconds pass.. 20. They feel like ten minutes, twenty. Flames break through the windows. Noone is stopping. Noone cares. Flames are dancing on the side of the house while I am calmly telling the woman on the phone where I am and how to get here.

Another car finally stops. They see me on the phone. I ask if they live here, and they ask if anyone lives here. Confusing. They just stopped. Noone else had/has called 911. An ambulance pulls up. It's way too late for anyone inside. The place is rolling flames. Nothing is inside but fire. I pull my car out of the way of fire trucks I hope are here soon. I tell the 911 operator that this is a wooded area. The trucks must be here soon or else the entire neighborhood will catch. I get out of the car and ask the neighbors further up if they know if anyone lives here. Noone does. The family moved out a week or two ago. Fire trucks arrive. I run to the ambulance and tell them not to even think about killing themselves. The house is vacant, on the neighbors say so. Eventually I count 7 trucks. They are trying to keep it from spreading. This house is gone. Within 2 minutes, this house is gone. The roof is catching and the power lines are sparking off one by one. The road is a dense fog of smoke and soot. Flying flaming debris is everywhere. You can't drive through the road anymore, and now, now cars are stopping. Now there are people on the phone. The trees are on fire, and the people are just getting around to noticing something and doing something about it.

The neighbors say that the owner was just there about 15 minutes ago, cutting the lawn. He had only pulled out a few minutes ago. This all happened near instaneously.

The firemen manage to put the fire out on the side so the fire doesn't spread next door instantly (as it was about to), but the trees overhead have caught, and they are working on those. I'm crying and I'm not sure whether it's the smoke or the intensity or the situation. Standing on the street, at least 200 feet from the house, the heat is intense. The firecrew mostly are wearing masks. Not a lot of them seem to be near the fire, or even working on it. Just a couple guys. I wonder why there are seven trucks and maybe six men working. I realise that I have no clue what to do, so shouldn't armchair quarterback the fireguys. I'm sure as fuck positive there is shit going down that I don't know how to deal with it, and they're freaking trained. They're doing their job right. These fuckers were willing to walk into that dance of flames and death to rescue cinders of people, if there were any. Shut the fuck up, Janel. Stand down, back off.

I feel like I'm gawking. I wipe my tears off with my hands that smell like smoke and I get in my car and drive home.

Why did I come this way? I have never come this way home, and am not completely positive I know the way, as I have only once used it to go to work and not from. The surrounding houses would have caught fire if it had waited until the other cars stopped. Is this how it always works? Does someone always notice? Is someone always nudged in the right direction? If I had been wanting to stop for a soda, especially when I already have a soda on me, from work. I would have stopped one exit up at Panola because there's a QuikTrip there. Nothing conveniant here. I don't know why I pulled off where I did. I don't know why I was there when I was. I don't feel guided. I don't feel like there was a voice telling me to stop. To leave work late, to stop at the wrong damn exit for a drink, to then continue on the wrong damn way that I barely know. I just feel like... point A, point B, point C. One event leading into another which lead into me being right there and calling before it was too late. It almost was. It happened so quickly, and noone seemed to notice. The woman who had stopped a bit after me said that she thought it was a car on fire and was stopping to help, as she just saw a little smoke. Why did I see more? Why did I notice and get concerned. I really don't know.

I don't know.
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For Rev

Amen )
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Hey kids!

Remember to always log out of your okcupid account when you aren't there.

His punishment for doing this time and time again is that it won't be changed until December, 19th at 12:49 PM. Be sure to message him if he's a good match for you! And please, feel free to post this to your livejournal!
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Holy SHIT this is cool.

Not that unusual in the corporate world, but a completely revolutionary idea to take it to the retail world. God am I freaking excited to see if this pans out at all.
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Everybody wants to be right, always. They want everyone to understand their motivations, everyone to agree with everything they do. When they mess up, they want other people to understand why it happened, and assure them that they understand, that it's no big deal, that it can happen to anyone.

When someone gets mad at you, do you immediately go on the defensive? Do you want to explain how nothing you did was wrong, and have them apologise for being mad? When you're mad at someone, are you open to seeing their side of things? Are you open to believing that you misconstrued, misperceived, or misjudged?

Do you really and truly want the issue to be resolved, or do you want to be vindicated in your views?

Have an open heart.

The person that you are at odds with is, in many ways, yourself.

What is most frustrating in having someone mad at you is what it says about you. If you didn't care about someone else's assessment of you, or perhaps didn't feel that this assessment is true on some level, or perhaps didn't feel like this assessment has been made before and you don't understand why, you would shake it off and walk away. But, you care. So, why do you care? Do you care about their judgement? Why? Are they someone who you put value on? Are their judgements often true? Do you feel that these judgements are true about you and you are unhappy with that part of yourself? Did you actually find yourself doing something that you are truly unhappy with and now you don't want to face that? Do you feel that these judgements of you are untrue, but have been made multiple times in the past and you want to understand why you are judged in that particular way? What is it about the issue that bothers you?

Approach that. Honestly. Discover what it is inside you that bothers you about the issue. At that point, go to person you are at odds with. Explain your thinking and what about the situations hurts you. Do not be defensive, do not be offensive. Do not be quick to judge. Do not be sensitive to them understanding you. You are simply giving your side. It is up to them to take it or not. You can't force someone else to do anything, or understand anything. They might be quite hurt and confused right now. Maybe they feel rejected. Maybe they feel that you don't care about them. Maybe they feel that you do not value them. Maybe they feel that you don't understand them. Whatever they feel, know that they are hurt.

Is your hurt more important than listening to them? You might be entirely in the right, but that doesn't really mean *anything*. Life is a learning experience. You can't learn anything if you are not open to replacing what you already know. This doesn't mean changing who you are. It simply means being open to new ideas. If you are too busy being "right" to listen to someone else's ideas of how things are for them, then you will never learn anything. You will not learn more about yourself, you will not learn more about the world, you will not learn more about people, and you will not learn more about the particular person in question.

What you learn from these things are varied. Sometimes you learn how you should change (the way you look at things, the way you act). Sometimes you learn how other people should change (which you can't control, so let this one out of your hands). Sometimes you learn that particular people and you do not mesh, or that your way of moving about the universe is diametrically opposed to theirs and that you would do best to not move about the universe together.

All of these lessons on apology and an open heart were learned slowly by me at various times in my life (I have a lot of experience in being wrong), but most were taught by my ex husband in the 10+ years of our relationship. These thoughts were inspired by a conversation that I had with someone where they came to me and told me that someone was mad at them and asked what they could do. I laid it out in easy to digest pile, and offered up my experiences and thoughts. I don't know that they are actually in a place where they can *hear* these ideas. But, hey, maybe you are. Maybe these ideas can do something for you. Maybe you have something to offer, also, on the subject of apology and keeping an open heart.
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Two turtles. Very sweet. Male and female, russian tortoises. They come with a habitat, it's 8'-4' but can be reduced to 4'-4'. Russians can be inside or outside turtles, but the habitat that we have currently is an inside habitat. They eat vegetables. Mostly lettuces (no iceberg, things like romaine and such). They are very very very cute but unfortunately, we need to find another home for them. They are approximately the size of hand or so.
Turtles make easy pets, are very sweet and nice. Please please please help. Pictures are available if anyone wants pictures. We have really been looking for homes for them for over a year, but haven't had any luck. We live in the greater Atlanta area, but you would have to do the driving. Feel free to link this to any community you know of where it might be appropriate.
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5 out of 5 roommates agree: Heather is Hawt.
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Yah. So, here's some Star Wars thoughts I've been having lately, in no particular order or attempt to necessarily connect them. So full of spoilers that you should probably skip it if you haven't seen the latest. )

13: Finally, I do like the stories, and I even want to own the whole damn movie series, eventually. But as it stands right now, I want the books, more. Read Revenge of the Sith, am reading Labryinth of Evil, will read Clone Wars (and rent that, hear it's good little cartoon) and the original 3, but want suggestions as to where to read next. I am actually interested beyond Anakin and his sultry dreamy evil hotness. Seriously. Wanna know about Luke and Leia and them training Jedi's and all of that future stuff, too. What do I need to get my hands on? Should I actually ask my brother? (gasp)?
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