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For the last week or two I've been hearing our russian tortoise, Tikkun, make this weird little clicking chirping sound. I told chris about it and he said that turtles don't make noises. Two nights ago Chris is trying to sleep and since Tikkun actually lives in our room now, Chris heard him, and was trying to figure out why he was doing it. So he goes online, turns out that russians make that noise when they're mating (although really, was he having a wet dream, or what?), so Chris thinks that maybe it's time Tikkun got his groove on. So now we have a cute little female russian tortoise (I'm thinking "Sophia" for a name). When they met, Tikkun promptly walked up to her, bumped faces, walked around to her back and then started riding her like there was no tomorrow. Don't know that he's actually getting it on, but he's certainly trying. She seems perfectly happy in her tortoise like way, is fairer than Tikkun, but nearly the same coloration and size, just a tad more blonde than him.

On other fronts... I still feel too bruised in some areas to talk about my main life on such a public forum. Mainly though, life is going extremely well. Good things are happening for me.

Ooooo, and dish, my new coworker is so stupid that he actually tried to put forth the arguement that anecdotal (sp???) evidence is a more solidly based in fact than empirical evidence. Of course, he didn't put it that way, it was more a matter of he knew because it had happened to him, and anythbing anyone else knew was just the man trying to keep him down. Or something like that. I nearly ate my own mouth in exasperation over how amazingly dumb he was. He's an insult to those born without brains.

Oh, and my cat is adorably, sickenly, cloyingly, completely sweet and cuddly.

So's my honey.
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In my mom's college chemistry class there was this guy who swore that for every single possible emotion or happening there was a beatles song.

I often think he was right.


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