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Occupy Atlanta Media Committee

Participants in Occupy Atlanta met with Chief Turner and his staff today and were warned that the police intended to enforce the city ordinances against camping and against being in the park after 11 pm.


Here in the "city too busy to hate," the city where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born, attended college, and preached, we come to speak our own dreams.
We believe that the American political process is so corrupted by the influx of lobbyists, "free speech" corporate cash, and politicians beholden to both that it has failed us completely.

Our only option left is to occupy public spaces in order to assert our right to freely assemble and to redress our grievances, rights guaranteed to us by the First Amendment. Exerting that right has ironically become an act of civil disobedience, a fact which points out exactly what the problem really is. We owe no obedience to laws which abridge our Constitutional rights.

We need as many people to come down to Woodruff Park ASAP!

So, right. That was just released. Meanwhile, I just took two benadryl because I can't go more than a minute or so without coughing, and snot is running down my throat in rivulets. I'm not sick. It's allergies. The beast has eaten me alive. So, I can't even go down there with a video camera right now to stand on the sidewalk legally and let the ATL police know that the world will see what they do. They are going to wait until night. They are going to wait until numbers are few. They are going to wait, and arrest everyone and take them away. They are trying to stop our movement in Atlanta before it's even truly started walking.

Honestly, at this point, it'll work, too. Arrests will not bring reinforcements. I can't really say that in a for sure sort of way, but... yeah. We aren't well connected down here. In Atlanta, the people staying in the park are mostly those with no connections. Those who were well connected went to New York. Down here, people are just trying too hard to survive to be able to show their face somewhere that might endanger their ability to get the checks that are keeping them from entirely drowning.

I don't know what's going to happen. I do know that currently, the largest allies of the ATL GA are occupythehood. I'm tired, and worried.
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